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One of the largest and most important distributors of pharmaceuticals and parapharmaceuticals in the country.
• Soothing and pleasant effect on the throat, pharynx and vocal cords
• Supports the optimal functioning of the respiratory system
• Adjuvant in the treatment of chronic obstructive respiratory disorders
• Adjuvant in the treatment of bronchial asthma and asthma
• Helps in case of throat and pharynx inflammations
• Maintains a healthy immune system
MINERALS AND VITAMINS is a balanced combination of minerals, oligo-elements and vitamin D3
Recommended as an adjuvant in:
• Child development stage
• Intense physical and mental activity
• Preconception, pregnancy and lactation
• Fluid and electrolyte loss
• Perimenopausal and postmenopausal stage and for the elderly


The company's fleet is suitable for medicines transport, provided with appropriate means, in accordance with legal requirements.


To help our customers, we have developed a professional sales team, which has all the tools needed to provide specialized support;


We ensure the supply of pharmaceutical products throughout Romania being endowed with facilities that offer secure storage of narcotic and psychotropic drugs;

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We’ve taken all the necessary precautions so you can have a safe shopping experience.  

✅ We disinfect and sanitize our facility in a recurring manner;  

✅ We have equipped entrance areas, toilets and high-traffic areas with sanitizing stations;  

✅ We have implemented the face mask policy to our customers and employees;

✅We sanitize freight cars with each new load

Mandatory mask wearing
Periodic Testing


Customer Feedback

ND pharma: a business partner that helped me overcome the challenges brought on by the pandemic!Thanks to the whole team for their prompt collaboration!



I am very pleased to talk about the services provided by ND Pharma. I am very satisfied with the prices in their portfolio and the product range. For me, that is enough. The staff is very prompt and keeps a fluent communication via email, but also on WhatsApp; my collaboration is extremely comfortable, I don’t feel troubled by ongoing phone calls, the staff is very efficient therefore the requirements are quickly solved. The delivery persons are also very kind and fair, we didn’t have any problems receiving the goods or caused by the warehouse, so everyone there does their job properly. 

Raluca Dumitru, Pharmacist

Malvira Farm, Adjud

Given the history of our collaboration with ND Pharma, it goes without saying that our business relation was built and is based on mutual understanding.The portfolio is wide and the discounts are attractive.The staff is defined by professionalism, seriousness and efficiency.We hope for a future collaboration, trying to face the challenges of our times.

We wish you good health and success with your projects!

Fevronia Stoica, Pharmacist


Prompt distribution services that ensure a safe and timely distribution, in compliance with all storage and transport conditions, staff trained to manage all types of situations that may arise. The portfolio companies (national and international manufacturers) provides access to a wide and varied range of medicinal products subject to prescription, non-prescription products, parapharmaceuticals and medical devices. Nevertheless, some products are difficult to access or even lack (however, I can attribute this aspect to an unfavorable national context, especially concerning imports). Excellent staff, highly professional, always willing to help and support you, with various training and knowledge in the field of medicines and commercial policies, they adapt easily and nonaggressive to the client’s needs. Very good reaction time, any situation that occurs is brought to your attention and gets resolved as soon as possible. I have never experienced any such inconvenience on this matter.

R&T Farm

R&T Farm

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