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ND Pharma is a reliable partner of the most important pharmaceutical, personal care and medical equipment companies, as well as of the open and closed-circuit pharmacies, but also of the physicians.

A very important aspect for the company is to develop and maintain collaborative relationships with health, research and academia specialists, physicians, pharmacists and opinion leaders, constantly promoting our company’s image and product portfolio in line with marketing strategy.


In order to meet the patients’ needs, we are constantly concerned with completing and developing our product portfolio, so we place great emphasis on strengthening partnerships with current local and external suppliers and, at the same time, establishing and developing business relationships with new manufacturers.


ND Pharma’s logistics network and sales force aim for exclusive partnerships with both open-circuit and closed-circuit pharmacies.

With a portfolio of over 9,000 products covering most therapeutic classes, ND Pharma is currently collaborating with more than 1,500 independent pharmacies, with pharmacy chains organized in over 500 working points and more than 500 hospitals and medical clinics.